CosmicEngine is the name I’ve given to my work in design, electronics, and related technical arts. I have broad hands-on experience in these various fields ranging from microcircuitry and fiber optics fabrication to the philosophical fundamentals of symbolic logic which are the underpinnings of all programming languages

If you have a hardware question – whether it’s a mysterious clicking noise that just came out of nowhere or you need a wifi mesh network designed and built – I can help. I’ve built quartz-crystal radios and single-mode fiber optics cable systems for mil-spec aviation systems. I learned how to tinker on a ’55 Chevy half-ton pickup and eventually I was repairing multi-layer circuitry to NASA standards. This isn’t a job: It’s a lifelong passion. My mother wasn’t too happy when I took a screwdriver to household appliances, but I simply couldn’t help myself – I had to know what was inside and why. I was almost always able to get things put back together, and I’ve gotten much better with experience.

I’ve been doing this for nearly thirty years. I began writing code before I was ten, when my friends went to sports camps in the summer I went to computer camp – way back in the 1980s. My friends were learning the basics of tennis and I was learning the basics of BASIC. Software is just a machine’s way of understanding the symbolic logic forms that philosophers have studied for centuries, and I find this communication between humans and machines to be immensely fascinating. I can help you realize your vision for a software solution, or I can explain to you in an easily understandable way why current technology isn’t up to the task and what can be done instead.

A long time ago, in 1092; a man named Su Song (or Su Sung, 蘇頌) who dedicated his life to pursuing all forms of exploration and discovery for the pure joy that he found in these pursuits, built a massive clock that told time with a degree of precision previously unheard of. He called his creation “The Cosmic Engine.”